fairytailsex (fairytailsex) wrote,

Outdoors again ... and again

Mark seems to be on a kick fucking outside. It's rained so much this year that getting outside has been a treat. Sometimes it's not so much outside as it is outside AND dangerous -- like last night. We went out to a couple clubs and Mark was so fucking horny. He fucked me out back behind both of them. Just pulled my shorts down around my ankles, dropped trou, lubed me up (the first time) then slid right in and fucked me hard up against the back of the building in one place and against the alley fence in the other. At the third club he slid the back of my pants down while in the club and fucked me in a dark corner. He was insatiable. Finally about 2am we went back to the car. I stripped at the car and he bent me over the trunk and fucked me hard. A few guys walked by going out to their car ... which happened to be next to ours ... so they watched and they Mark invited them to use my ass. Handing them condoms, they had their hard cocks out and in me one by one until all three of them had come. I stayed naked as we left in the car and Mark stopped on a dark side street and we walked down a wooded path. Me naked and him clothed. We walked a couple minutes and then I couldn't resist his hard cock anymore. Pulling down his shorts I kneeled to suck him while we were still on the path. After a bit he turned me around and rammed his cock home in my ass and pumped for a while. He'd already come a number of times so it was a while before he emptied another load into me. We hugged, making out for a bit, then headed back to the car, passing some other guys fucking and sucking on the way.

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