fairytailsex (fairytailsex) wrote,

Outside sex

It's been beautiful weather this weekend after a rainy week so Mark wanted to go someplace quiet and wooded to strip down and fuck. We headed to a place we'd heard about but never visited and found out there were some long paths headed back into the underbrush. To our surprise we found a couple guys already doing the dirty monkey a ways back into the woods so we stayed quiet and stripped as we watched. Mark and I kissed, which really revs my engine, and before you know it he was buried in me, pumping in time with the action in front of us. It was then that they finally saw us. The top turned both of them around so they could watch us too and he and Mark fucked their respective bottoms with abandon. It was hot being outdoors with the still cool air blowing around us and feeling him pop in and out of me. Suddenly he grunted and then was pulling my hips against him, mashing his groin into me and cumming in long waves. The other guy saw that and began coming too. He collapsed on the back of his partner for a minute before they separated and made their naked way over to us. We greeted them and chatted for a bit before deciding to head back to our place for some fun since we hadn't brought any condoms and they had just used their sole condom.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent drinking margaritas, lounging in the hot tub and of them using me whenever the mood struck ... which was often thank goodness!

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