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This past Saturday night Mark and I went to a pary. As we drove up to the house I commented that the couple had a HUGE house to which Mark commented to me that I wasn't going to see most of it anyway! lol Looking surprised at him, he twirled a blindfold on a finger and said he'd be watching to make sure no one tried to fuck me bare ... oookkk....

We walked into an absolutely gorgeous house. If I spent every penny saved in the bank, MAYBE I could afford this thing ... Anyway, we met the hosts. A very charming and hot couple. They winked at Mark and showed us to the back room ... with a sling set up in the middle of the room. Mark kissed me and said, "No sucking, just fucking ..." Then he helped strip me naked in the middle of the group ... ok, I admit it, I like being naked in the middle of a group of guys still dressed. It's very erotic. Then he helped me up into the sling and put on the blindfold. Lubing up my ass he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Me first" and then slowly slid into me and fucked me there. He likes to be watched too!

After that I spent the next couple hours getting cock after cock up my ass. I was polite enough not to ask a few if it was in yet ... what a deflating question! ... and just took every one that wanted to use me. Mark supplied me with water and stiff margaritas. After a couple hours I got out of the sling, stayed naked and just wandered through the party. About half the group was naked or just in underwear.

Meeting a really cute blond guy, we started to kiss and make out. He was a GREAT kisser. We went back to the sling and he fucked me hard, coming twice before he finished. By then there was a line so I let them keep going. I lost count of how many cocks were in me that night but I found out afterward that I was billed as the "party favor". When the party was over, Mark led me out to the car, still naked and we went home. It was a warm night so on the way we ended up going to a park where he led me down a path and fucked me in an open field fringed with trees. I love being fucked outdoors!

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