fairytailsex (fairytailsex) wrote,

Friday night

Mark told me he wanted me to be ready for a big cock so I spent some time making sure I was very clean Friday afternoon. Mark called me about 5 and told me they were on their way over so I put on the blindfold and waited by the front door. Our front door is private from the street so I just left it open and bent over waiting for them, holding my ankles, blindfold on. After a bit I heard a car park in the street and talk as they walked up the driveway. Then "Oh fuck yea!" as steps sounded in the hallway and a hand swiped along my ass and a finger slid along my crack and played briefly with my hole.

"Condoms are on the table ... fuck him any way you want" I heard Mark say. A couple other voices murmured in agreement and I knew he'd brought more than one friend home. The front door didn't close but I heard clothes being shed and then a cock slapped my ass and I felt someone else in front of me. I reached up to grab a semi limp cock and pull it into my mouth as the owner inhaled his breath. AT the same time, hands spread my ass cheeks and a tongue began exploring my pink hole. The feel of a hot wet tongue on my ass drove me wild and I swallowed the guy offering my his dick. I wanted all of him in my mouth and moaned as he hardened up and slipped down my throat.

"Oh fuck yes!" the guy muttered, and seemed to direct a question to Mark, "You get this mouth and ass every day?".

"Any time I want it!" I heard Mark say as my head bobbed on the guy's cock. After a bit of being rimmed and sucking cock the guy behind me told me he was going to fuck me and I heard a condom being opened. A minute later the tip of his shaft was poised at my asshole and Mark was holding some poppers under my nose. I stopped sucking long enough to take a big whiff and relaxed as the guy pushed into me. He was really thick and Mark gave me another snort of poppers as that thick cock was buried deep into my ass. He didn't wait but started pumping my ass right away. At first it was a bit painful but then I adjusted to him and took all of him into me. As he plowed me hard he pushed me onto the other guy's cock and it went deeper into my throat. I got fucked royally at both ends and was moaning with pleasure. I squeezed my ass to give him a good ride and suddenly he was moaning and yelling "I'm gonna come!" as he pile drived my ass.

The guy in my mouth took his place at my ass and in one swift motion sunk all the way into me and started fucking hard. It wasn't long before he came too and then Mark took his place. Mark's bare cock slid into and fucked me hard and then spilled his seed in me as they muttered "hot!" and "fuck his ass!".

After that I heard the door closed ... it had been open the whole time ... and then Mark told me not to remove the blindfold as he led me to the bedroom where they all fucked me again.

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