September 10th, 2007


Mark and I went to the clubs with some friends Saturday night. A couple friends came over about 9pm but we didn't get going until just after 11 ... and by that time my happy butt was already well lubed. We stopped in one place and ordered a couple froofroo drinks and then danced on the crowded floor. It was butt to butt and chest to chest and it wasn't long before Mark was dancing very close and grinding his hard cock into my crotch. After a few dances and another drink, Mark hauled me back to the restroom with the tall booths. Finding an empty stall he pushed me in, pulled down my jeans, turned me around and rammed himself home with true urgency. The silicon lube was still holding up thank goodness. He quietly and urgently fucked me there in the stall and then started jerking and making small grunting noises as he came in my ass. Pushing my shirt up he collapsed on my back and I enjoyed the skin to skin feeling for a few moments before he slipped out of me. Turning, I bent down and cleaned his softened cock up. Then we straightened up, grinned at each other and gave a final kiss before leaving the stall together, ignoring the knowing smiles that followed us.

Once back on the dance floor we danced with friends and each other until one of them whispered in my ear that he was horny, hard and wanted to fuck me. He had a couple condoms so we made our way to the restroom stalls again where I was royally fucked for a second time at the club that night. I stepped into the stall and dropped my pants while he was still coming through with the door open so a few folks saw me before the door closed ... there's that exhibitionist side of me showing up again! He slid on a condom and then slid into me and began slowly fucking me. He went slow for a long time, letting us both enjoy the feeling of his long cock sliding in and out. Gasping a bit he picked up the pace and then slammed home into me multiple times before he pulled my hips toward him and held me there. I could feel his cock spasming within me. We cleaned up then and left for the dance floor again.

A couple more cherry vodka sevens and one more friend fuck later and we went to see the female impersonator show in another club. The room was very crowded as we all made our way to one corner. I saw one of the guys whispering in Mark's ear and Mark grinning and nodding his head. When we got to the corner the guy, I'll call him "S", got in the corner and Mark and I were right in front of him. I felt reach around to undo the button and zipper on my jeans, then he slid them down until they were almost around my knees. He kissed my neck and pressed his hard dick into my backside. I checked to make sure he was wearing a condom and then pressed back as he pointed his cock into me. He was thick so it took some working but finally I could feel his pube hairs against my butt and knew he was all the way in. Slowly he fucked me as the impersonators lip synched their songs. Mark slid a hand between us to feel S's cock sliding in and out of me and that pushed S over the edge and he came in long shudders. I'm not sure what he did with the condom but I pulled up my underwear and jeans after he pulled out and pretended nothing had happened.

That's when the lead queen on stage started introducing the next act but first she said, "And we see EVERYthing up here on stage ... like the couple in the back corner that just finished up what looked like a good fuck!" And, of course, she pointed. Everyone turned around and cheered. Thank goodness it was dark because I'm sure I turned six shades of red! We stuck around for one more song and then left. Our group of friends were all laughing at the two of us. When we go to the dark parking lot, Mark pulled off my shirt and then my jeans in front of the car and bent me over the front hood for one last bang before we left.

It was almost 4am when we got home and Mark stripped naked in the garage, his still hard cock bouncing as he released it. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the middle of the street and quietly fucked me one last time there. He is insatiable! :-)