Mark and I went to the clubs with some friends Saturday night. A couple friends came over about 9pm but we didn't get going until just after 11 ... and by that time my happy butt was already well lubed. We stopped in one place and ordered a couple froofroo drinks and then danced on the crowded floor. It was butt to butt and chest to chest and it wasn't long before Mark was dancing very close and grinding his hard cock into my crotch. After a few dances and another drink, Mark hauled me back to the restroom with the tall booths. Finding an empty stall he pushed me in, pulled down my jeans, turned me around and rammed himself home with true urgency. The silicon lube was still holding up thank goodness. He quietly and urgently fucked me there in the stall and then started jerking and making small grunting noises as he came in my ass. Pushing my shirt up he collapsed on my back and I enjoyed the skin to skin feeling for a few moments before he slipped out of me. Turning, I bent down and cleaned his softened cock up. Then we straightened up, grinned at each other and gave a final kiss before leaving the stall together, ignoring the knowing smiles that followed us.

Once back on the dance floor we danced with friends and each other until one of them whispered in my ear that he was horny, hard and wanted to fuck me. He had a couple condoms so we made our way to the restroom stalls again where I was royally fucked for a second time at the club that night. I stepped into the stall and dropped my pants while he was still coming through with the door open so a few folks saw me before the door closed ... there's that exhibitionist side of me showing up again! He slid on a condom and then slid into me and began slowly fucking me. He went slow for a long time, letting us both enjoy the feeling of his long cock sliding in and out. Gasping a bit he picked up the pace and then slammed home into me multiple times before he pulled my hips toward him and held me there. I could feel his cock spasming within me. We cleaned up then and left for the dance floor again.

A couple more cherry vodka sevens and one more friend fuck later and we went to see the female impersonator show in another club. The room was very crowded as we all made our way to one corner. I saw one of the guys whispering in Mark's ear and Mark grinning and nodding his head. When we got to the corner the guy, I'll call him "S", got in the corner and Mark and I were right in front of him. I felt reach around to undo the button and zipper on my jeans, then he slid them down until they were almost around my knees. He kissed my neck and pressed his hard dick into my backside. I checked to make sure he was wearing a condom and then pressed back as he pointed his cock into me. He was thick so it took some working but finally I could feel his pube hairs against my butt and knew he was all the way in. Slowly he fucked me as the impersonators lip synched their songs. Mark slid a hand between us to feel S's cock sliding in and out of me and that pushed S over the edge and he came in long shudders. I'm not sure what he did with the condom but I pulled up my underwear and jeans after he pulled out and pretended nothing had happened.

That's when the lead queen on stage started introducing the next act but first she said, "And we see EVERYthing up here on stage ... like the couple in the back corner that just finished up what looked like a good fuck!" And, of course, she pointed. Everyone turned around and cheered. Thank goodness it was dark because I'm sure I turned six shades of red! We stuck around for one more song and then left. Our group of friends were all laughing at the two of us. When we go to the dark parking lot, Mark pulled off my shirt and then my jeans in front of the car and bent me over the front hood for one last bang before we left.

It was almost 4am when we got home and Mark stripped naked in the garage, his still hard cock bouncing as he released it. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the middle of the street and quietly fucked me one last time there. He is insatiable! :-)

At the park

Mark is STILL on that jag about fucking outside. Hey, I'm not complaining! Anytime I can have him inside me is a good time.

Last Thursday evening we went to a large wooded park that extends for a good ways. You can easily walk a mile or more and there are plenty of private spots to stop for a break. It was threatening to rain but we went anyway ... him in shorts and a t-shirt and me in a brief pair of running shorts and a t-shirt. Since it was warm, the t-shirts came off once we started walking. We didn't encounter anyone else so after a bit we moved off the trail a little ways and we made out in the middle of a small clearing. He has great lips and is a great kisser and it wasn't long before we were both hard as a rock and pressing our cocks into each other. I couldn't resist licking down his chest and stomach and pulling down his shorts to see that long shaft bounce out. I leaned forward to start sucking and he thrust forward ... in one motion burying himself in my mouth and then started fucking my throat. I wasn't exactly ready for that so started choking and he was apologetic as he pulled back out. I just laughed at him and then engulfed his cock until my nose was buried in his pubes and his cockhead pushed down into my throat. He moaned then as I slid slightly up and down on his cock, loving the way he filled my mouth and how it felt back there. He was quick this time as he suddenly unleashed a load of cum. I felt the first spurts as they jetted out. He was moaning loudly then and after as I licked him clean. We got up and went back to the path and continued walking.

We stopped here and there to kiss and grope each other and it wasn't long before he was hard again. It was getting dark and he was getting bolder so he pulled down my shorts and I walked naked down the path until we got to a picnic table. He kissed me and then turned me around. I heard the pop of the top of the bottle of lube and then he was fingering my ass, widening me up before getting to the main event. I remember moaning as he inserted first one, then two fingers inside me. Removing his fingers then, I backed up to his hard cock and pushed backward so that he slowly entered me, popping past the ring of muscle inside. That's when he slammed in hard and began fucking me in earnest. Just as he was grunting and groaning and cumming the skies opened up and pummeled us with rain! He finished up and we ran, laughing, most of the way back to the parking lot, stopping under some trees to put our shorts back on before we reached the car.

Outdoors again ... and again

Mark seems to be on a kick fucking outside. It's rained so much this year that getting outside has been a treat. Sometimes it's not so much outside as it is outside AND dangerous -- like last night. We went out to a couple clubs and Mark was so fucking horny. He fucked me out back behind both of them. Just pulled my shorts down around my ankles, dropped trou, lubed me up (the first time) then slid right in and fucked me hard up against the back of the building in one place and against the alley fence in the other. At the third club he slid the back of my pants down while in the club and fucked me in a dark corner. He was insatiable. Finally about 2am we went back to the car. I stripped at the car and he bent me over the trunk and fucked me hard. A few guys walked by going out to their car ... which happened to be next to ours ... so they watched and they Mark invited them to use my ass. Handing them condoms, they had their hard cocks out and in me one by one until all three of them had come. I stayed naked as we left in the car and Mark stopped on a dark side street and we walked down a wooded path. Me naked and him clothed. We walked a couple minutes and then I couldn't resist his hard cock anymore. Pulling down his shorts I kneeled to suck him while we were still on the path. After a bit he turned me around and rammed his cock home in my ass and pumped for a while. He'd already come a number of times so it was a while before he emptied another load into me. We hugged, making out for a bit, then headed back to the car, passing some other guys fucking and sucking on the way.

Outside sex

It's been beautiful weather this weekend after a rainy week so Mark wanted to go someplace quiet and wooded to strip down and fuck. We headed to a place we'd heard about but never visited and found out there were some long paths headed back into the underbrush. To our surprise we found a couple guys already doing the dirty monkey a ways back into the woods so we stayed quiet and stripped as we watched. Mark and I kissed, which really revs my engine, and before you know it he was buried in me, pumping in time with the action in front of us. It was then that they finally saw us. The top turned both of them around so they could watch us too and he and Mark fucked their respective bottoms with abandon. It was hot being outdoors with the still cool air blowing around us and feeling him pop in and out of me. Suddenly he grunted and then was pulling my hips against him, mashing his groin into me and cumming in long waves. The other guy saw that and began coming too. He collapsed on the back of his partner for a minute before they separated and made their naked way over to us. We greeted them and chatted for a bit before deciding to head back to our place for some fun since we hadn't brought any condoms and they had just used their sole condom.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent drinking margaritas, lounging in the hot tub and of them using me whenever the mood struck ... which was often thank goodness!


This past Saturday night Mark and I went to a pary. As we drove up to the house I commented that the couple had a HUGE house to which Mark commented to me that I wasn't going to see most of it anyway! lol Looking surprised at him, he twirled a blindfold on a finger and said he'd be watching to make sure no one tried to fuck me bare ... oookkk....

We walked into an absolutely gorgeous house. If I spent every penny saved in the bank, MAYBE I could afford this thing ... Anyway, we met the hosts. A very charming and hot couple. They winked at Mark and showed us to the back room ... with a sling set up in the middle of the room. Mark kissed me and said, "No sucking, just fucking ..." Then he helped strip me naked in the middle of the group ... ok, I admit it, I like being naked in the middle of a group of guys still dressed. It's very erotic. Then he helped me up into the sling and put on the blindfold. Lubing up my ass he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Me first" and then slowly slid into me and fucked me there. He likes to be watched too!

After that I spent the next couple hours getting cock after cock up my ass. I was polite enough not to ask a few if it was in yet ... what a deflating question! ... and just took every one that wanted to use me. Mark supplied me with water and stiff margaritas. After a couple hours I got out of the sling, stayed naked and just wandered through the party. About half the group was naked or just in underwear.

Meeting a really cute blond guy, we started to kiss and make out. He was a GREAT kisser. We went back to the sling and he fucked me hard, coming twice before he finished. By then there was a line so I let them keep going. I lost count of how many cocks were in me that night but I found out afterward that I was billed as the "party favor". When the party was over, Mark led me out to the car, still naked and we went home. It was a warm night so on the way we ended up going to a park where he led me down a path and fucked me in an open field fringed with trees. I love being fucked outdoors!

Friday night

Mark told me he wanted me to be ready for a big cock so I spent some time making sure I was very clean Friday afternoon. Mark called me about 5 and told me they were on their way over so I put on the blindfold and waited by the front door. Our front door is private from the street so I just left it open and bent over waiting for them, holding my ankles, blindfold on. After a bit I heard a car park in the street and talk as they walked up the driveway. Then "Oh fuck yea!" as steps sounded in the hallway and a hand swiped along my ass and a finger slid along my crack and played briefly with my hole.

"Condoms are on the table ... fuck him any way you want" I heard Mark say. A couple other voices murmured in agreement and I knew he'd brought more than one friend home. The front door didn't close but I heard clothes being shed and then a cock slapped my ass and I felt someone else in front of me. I reached up to grab a semi limp cock and pull it into my mouth as the owner inhaled his breath. AT the same time, hands spread my ass cheeks and a tongue began exploring my pink hole. The feel of a hot wet tongue on my ass drove me wild and I swallowed the guy offering my his dick. I wanted all of him in my mouth and moaned as he hardened up and slipped down my throat.

"Oh fuck yes!" the guy muttered, and seemed to direct a question to Mark, "You get this mouth and ass every day?".

"Any time I want it!" I heard Mark say as my head bobbed on the guy's cock. After a bit of being rimmed and sucking cock the guy behind me told me he was going to fuck me and I heard a condom being opened. A minute later the tip of his shaft was poised at my asshole and Mark was holding some poppers under my nose. I stopped sucking long enough to take a big whiff and relaxed as the guy pushed into me. He was really thick and Mark gave me another snort of poppers as that thick cock was buried deep into my ass. He didn't wait but started pumping my ass right away. At first it was a bit painful but then I adjusted to him and took all of him into me. As he plowed me hard he pushed me onto the other guy's cock and it went deeper into my throat. I got fucked royally at both ends and was moaning with pleasure. I squeezed my ass to give him a good ride and suddenly he was moaning and yelling "I'm gonna come!" as he pile drived my ass.

The guy in my mouth took his place at my ass and in one swift motion sunk all the way into me and started fucking hard. It wasn't long before he came too and then Mark took his place. Mark's bare cock slid into and fucked me hard and then spilled his seed in me as they muttered "hot!" and "fuck his ass!".

After that I heard the door closed ... it had been open the whole time ... and then Mark told me not to remove the blindfold as he led me to the bedroom where they all fucked me again.